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kaapeli.fi - internet Informaatio-osuuskunta Katto-Meny
Tallberginkatu 1.B.39

Y-tunnus: 0957831-9

Tallberginkatu 3
Katso kartta.
neuvonta @ kaapeli.fi
puh: (09) 7515 4150
int: +358 9 7515 4150

Quick guide to Knot at the Cable

(Link: in english | kaikki jutut)

Contact details: katto@kaapeli.fi

Names and addresses of the servers
Primary DNS (Domain Name Server): ns.kaapeli.fi
POP-mail-server: mail.kaapeli.fi (and pop.kaapeli.fi)
IMAP-mail-server: mail.kaapeli.fi (and imap.kaapeli.fi)
SMTP-mail-server: mail.kaapeli.fi (and smtp.kaapeli.fi)
WWW-server: www.kaapeli.fi
News-server: news.kaapeli.fi
Proxy-server: www-cache.kaapeli.fi, port 80
Webmail: http://imp.kaapeli.fi
Terminal server (ssh): pine.kaapeli.fi

E-mail: valid formats of your e-mail address are user@kaapeli.fi and Name.Surname@kaapeli.fi. If your organisation has registered an own internet-domain, you may use that in place of kaapeli.fi. The recommended e-mail application for terminal (or ssh) sessions is pine.

Websites: Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files from and to katto.kaapeli.fi The publishing directory of your organisation is ~group/public_html/ where you should substitute group with the UserID of your group. This is what you need to type in the field Remote host initial Directory in your FTP-application. If you have a personal account, your publishing directory is: ~user/public_html/ where you should substitute user with your userID

How to connect by modem or ISDN: We allow PPP-connection (Point-to-Point Protocol) and the IP-number is supplied dynamically by the server. The modem numbers are on http://www.katto.kaapeli.fi/sisalto/1077197979/index_html - the sames numbers work for ISDN-connection; To logout from a telnet-session, use the command "logout" or "lo". We allow connection by ssh and ftp.

Security: Change your password with the passwd-command (during a terminal-session) or with the Change password -option of Eudora. Alternatively, order a new password from katto@kaapeli.fi. Guard your password as a secret!

File permissions. By default, the files on a linux-system (like ours) are open to all readers. Exception: the files with your e-mail, which are closed to all except to you. File permissions can be changed with the chmod-command.

In case you want to report a problem please, tell:
- your account (username)
- date and time of the problem or disturbance
- which programs did you use
- error messages (if you saw any)
- your opinion about the cause of the problem, if you have one

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